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Pinecrest Gardens must thrive and grow for your children and your children’s children. If you believe that the preservation of communal spaces, cultural amenities and quality of life are important to keeping South Florida an outstanding place to live, work and raise a family, then the Growing Inspiration Campaign deserves your support.

To donate email [email protected].

Ways to Give

Tax-deductible donations are made through Friends of Pinecrest Gardens, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in in 2020 to provide educational programming that culturally enriches and educates the public at Pinecrest Gardens and to raise funds, promote, and build volunteer support required to support educational and arts programming. For more information or to donate in any of the ways described, contact Pinecrest Gardens Director Cristina Blanco by email or by calling 305.669.6990.


Donors can make an outright donation to Friends of Pinecrest Gardens by credit card, check, planned gift in general support of educational and arts programming at Pinecrest Gardens. A donor may also choose to support a planned program, initiatives or capital projects to help the garden.


Delivering the “wow” factor for marketing and branding initiatives is the foundation of Pinecrest Gardens’ corporate sponsorship program. Light years from a typical shopping mall, highway billboard, or reality TV program, Pinecrest Gardens offers a clutter-free, stunningly beautiful environment to our corporate partners where their brand will be noticed. We offer a range of opportunities that allow our partnering companies the ability to send a meaningful message to consumers clearly stating they want to be socially responsible and good neighbors.

When sponsors support Pinecrest Gardens, they make an investment in our community. It’s an investment in our children to ensure that they have viable and vibrant arts education programs in a safe and pristine botanical environment. It’s an investment in the economy of our community that attracts visitors who spend their dollars at our local restaurants and shops when they visit Pinecrest Gardens to walk our botanical paths or see a show. It’s an investment in our area’s young children and teens to encourage creative thinking through visits to our sensory garden, seeing or performing in a local production or participating in a visiting artist workshop. It’s an investment in a rich and varied quality of life.

There are sponsorships opportunities for our festivals, venues, performing arts initiatives and exhibits, each tailored to our sponsor’s needs. To learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor at Pinecrest Gardens contact Cristina Blanco, Pinecrest Gardens Director, at 305.669.6990. We will design a program that fits your budget and addresses your needs.


Tribute and memorial gifts are a lasting way to honor a loved one or mark a special occasion or milestone. Whether as an expression of sympathy, or to mark the arrival of a tiny, new family member, there are a great many ways to pay tribute to a special individual.

The Loving Tree, Pinecrest Gardens giving tree, is a three-dimensional sculpted tree by Chilean artist Jose Pablo Ravinet. Leave a lasting impression that will add beauty and dimension to the Gardens. The small, engraved leaves are $500 and the large, engraved leaves are $1,000. A personalized acknowledgment of your tribute gift will be sent to the recipient of your choice, without reference to the donation amount, following receipt of your donation. It is the perfect celebration of a wedding, birthday or honoring a loved one or your family.

Garden Tribute Fund allows for the preservation of special trees and implementation of updates and maintenance to enhance the look and botanical directives of Pinecrest Gardens. Existing Tribute Trees are available at various donation levels depending on maturity, size and variety. Donor recognition will be placed on tree tag approximately 1 by 2 inches, and it will remain in place for the life of the tree.

Naming Rights are offered for many structures and features at the Gardens. These opportunities are available at donation levels of $100,000 to $10,000,000, over several years. Contact the Pinecrest Gardens Director for more information.