Garden Fund

The Garden Fund is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization that was created to meet the botanical needs of our public green spaces, particularly at Pinecrest Gardens, a topographically diverse historic garden nestled in the quiet community of Pinecrest, Florida.

The Fund is comprised of a group of volunteers who appreciate the vital importance of preserving and enhancing local places of beauty and tranquility, and who believe that our public gardens need extra help from the community to ensure that they survive and thrive. Most botanic and historic gardens have a not-for-profit organization that fulfills this specific need, and the Garden Fund was formed as an adjunct to the work that Pinecrest local government does in the Pinecrest Gardens.

Since its inception in 2007, the Fund has raised money through donors and special events and has invested more than $174,000 on 35 botanical improvement projects throughout the 14-acre historic property. Upcoming plans for the Fund include the transformation of the dry garden that overlooks Swan Lake, the Gardens’ most iconic and picturesque site, and a revamping of the Caribbean Garden. The Garden Fund’s work is ever-changing and evolving, and great pride is taken in its many accomplishments.